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For every budget the right vacation!

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Guyana Mash Tour

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Tour date February 22 to February 25, 2021

Departure from Paramaribo USD 395, – p.p

Departure from Nickerie USD 350, – p.p

Kids USD 250, –


  • All transportation costs with a / c bus
  • Crossing by ferry
  • Stay in hotel
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner incl non alcohol. drink
  • Travel insurance
  • Visit to all activities
  • Guide (Dutch speaking guide)

The “Mash” is an annual festival that celebrates Guyana as a Republic. The festival has been held since February 23, 1970. It includes the following activities a parade, music, games and culinary acts are intended to commemorate the “Birth of the Republic”, although it contains most of the elements known from the carnivals that took place before the beginning of Lent elsewhere in Latin America, it’s not Carnival.

Experience our nearest neighbor differently and join the fun group, “Mash in Guyana”

from 22 February-25 February 2021
395,- PP